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if you are a fan of manga then this article is for you, In this article we have listed the top 10 free Manga reading sites with or without ads.


Myreadingmanga is one of the popular online manga reading websites for free, this site is basically for adult people as most of the manga uploaded on Myreadingmanga are based on adult relationships and fantasies. Myreadingmanga has been online since December 2012 and from then, it has become the most popular Japanese manga reading website in the USA.

Source: myreadingmanga.info

Popular manga on myreadingmanga

  • [Iimo] Akuheki – Vol.02
  • [Yazoe] Insert Coin to Continue
  • [Graphite] The Initiation
  • Ore-tachi Ima Kara Ecchi Shimasu
  • [Zourik] Family Memories

Monthly search volume of myreadingmanga

We have checked this manga site’s monthly search volume through Semrush and Similarweb which is as follows:

Semrush: 5.6M monthly traffic

Similarweb: 28M monthly traffic.

If Myreadingmanga is Blocked then what to do?

Myreadingmanga is a very popular online manga reading website but this is blocked in several regions and countries. If you find this website is blocked in your area and want to bypass it then consider using a VPN or change your DNS to unblock it.

Myreadingmanga Official Links:


Features of Myreadingmanga

  1. This site offers the latest manga and video series very frequently.
  2. The user interface of myreadingmanga is easy as you can visit any manga within a few clicks.
  3. Manga reading is totally Ads free.
  4. No signup is required for reading or watching manga.

Cons of myreadingmanga

  1. Myreadingmanga website theme is very old-fashioned, they need to revamp their site.
  2. The homepage of this site looks very spammy.

Is it safe to use myreadingmanga

Reading manga online is totally safe on Myreadingmanga, They have their privacy policy and are very strict for users in order to maintain privacy.

Does myreadingmanga have an app?

Myreadingmanga doesn’t have any mobile or desktop app yet.


Source: Mangabuddy

Mangabuddy is an ads-free online manga site that offers anime and Manga in almost every genre. According to Whois data Mangabuddy has been online since March 2020. Mangabuddy has a very simple user interface with easy navigation to popular manga and anime shows.

Popular manga on Mangabuddy

  • Jinx
  • Painter of the Night
  • 19 Days
  • BJ alex
  • Dear Door

Monthly search volume of Mangabuddy

We have checked the Mangabuddy website’s monthly search volume through Semrush and Similarweb which is as follows:

Semrush: 1.3M monthly traffic

Similarweb: 40.2M monthly traffic.

If Mangabuddy is Blocked in your country then what to do?

Mangabuddy is open to almost every country but If you find this website blocked then you can use VPN or change your DNS to unblock it. 

Mangabuddy Official Links and Twitter:


There is no official Twitter ID on this site, so stay away from fake pages.

Features of Mangabuddy

  1. Mangabuddy allows every manga creator to submit their manga to the community and have a wider audience.
  2. Popular manga is marked as HOT with a number of views already seen by the public.
  3. For reading manga you don’t need to do any signup, Just select the manga and start reading but if you are a content creator then you need to sign up for manga submission.
  4. The website is open in almost every country.
  5. It has a large range of manga for almost every genre of audience.
  6. Offers some manga in the color edition.

Cons of Mangabuddy

  1. Despite its old theme, I didn’t find any other cons on Mangabuddy.

Is it safe to use mangabuddy?

Reading manga online on Mangabuddy is totally safe because there are no advertising promotions or spammy Pop-ups on this website, so no spam or browsing issues.

Does Mangabuddy have an app?

Mangabuddy doesn’t have any mobile or desktop apps yet but they are going to launch it soon as written on their official website.


Crunchyroll is a joint venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment U.S. and Japan’s Aniplex with 12 offices worldwide. It is one of the most popular anime-streaming and manga sites worldwide. Crunchyroll offers both paid and free trials for users who want to skip irritating ads.

Popular manga on Crunchyroll

  • Inside Mari
  • Genshin impact
  • Tales of wedding rings
  • Talentless nana
  • Scums wish

Monthly search volume of Crunchyroll

We have checked the Crunchyroll website’s monthly search volume through Semrush and Similarweb which is as follows:

Semrush: 25.5M monthly traffic

Similarweb: 99M monthly traffic.

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Features of Crunchyroll

  1. Crunchyroll has a very clean user interface with easy access to popular comics and anime series.
  2. Paid members can watch new episodes shortly after on air in Japan.
  3. Big brands like The Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto, and Fairy Tails are all available on Crunchyroll.
  4. Crunchyroll has its own Android and IOS mobile application with very fast streaming video player.

Cons of Crunchyroll

  1. They promote advertisement while streaming videos but that can be overcome by taking paid membership.
  2. Sometimes video players of Crunchyroll hang while streaming animes.

Is it safe to use Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is one of the safest websites to watch anime or read manga online. Crunchyroll doesn’t show any irritating pop-up or pop-under ads.

Viz Media

Viz Media has been a Manga Giant for more than three decades. It has an extensive library of manga series without ads. Viz is the #1 destination for manga lovers in America, they offer popular titles like Naruto, Boruto, One Piece, Demon Slayer, and others that are driving the Industry.

Popular manga on Viz

  • Naruto
  • Boruto Next generation
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Demon slayer
  • Chainsaw man

Monthly search volume of Viz Media

We have checked the Viz Media website’s monthly search volume through Semrush and Similarweb which is as follows:

Semrush: 25.5M monthly traffic

Similarweb: 99M monthly traffic.

official website: www.viz.com

Features of Viz

  1. Viz offers manga in every genre including action, romance, mystery, and fantasy.
  2. There is no paid membership, you can buy any manga that you want to read directly from the Viz store. Some chapters also offer free to read.
  3. Big brands like Naruto, Demon Slayer, and One Punch Man are all available on Viz.
  4. Viz has its own Android and IOS mobile application with a clean user interface that helps users feel a unique experience while reading manga.


Manganato is totally ads-free manga site, they offer comic books in various genres to American and worldwide users. Manganato was established in May 2021 and has an extensive library of popular Manga titles, manhwas, and webtoons. Manganato is one of the top sites to read free manga online.

Manganato home
Source: Manganato

Popular manga on Manganato

  • Ri-Chan
  • World Teacher – Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent
  • The Labyrinth Raids Of The Ultimate Tank
  • Invincible After A Hundred Years Of Seclusion
  • Catastrophic Necromancer

Monthly search volume of Manganato

We have checked the Manganato website’s monthly search volume through Semrush and Similarweb which is as follows:

Semrush: 25.5M monthly traffic

Similarweb: 99M monthly traffic.

official website: manganato.com

Features of Manganato

  1. Within 2 clicks, Popular manga can be accessed.
  2. A very clean friendly user interface with no spammy popup advertisements also runs very smoothly on mobile devices.
  3. No registration is required to read the comic book on Manganato.

Manga Planet

Mangaplanet is a platform for artists and publishers where thousands of Manga creators and artist publish their licensed manga on a daily basis. Mangaplanet was started in July 2003 with the mission to connect manga fans with officially licensed Japanese manga creators and artists.

Popular manga on Manga Planet

  • Good night
  • King & Prince + Kaiser
  • KIZUNA – Bonds
  • SUN-KEN Rock
  • Blue Lock

Monthly search volume of Manga Planet

We have checked the Manga Planet website’s monthly search volume through Semrush and Similarweb which is as follows:

Semrush: 25.5M monthly traffic

Similarweb: 99M monthly traffic.

official website: mangaplanet.com

Features of Manga Planet

  1. Manga Planet is an Advertising-free site.
  2. There is no spam on this site.
  3. Some manga chapters you can read for free.
  4. There are manga creators and editors who provide their manga on rent or buying options.
  5. Manga Planet has very safe browsing.
  6. They also offer discounts on Subscription passes.


Mangadex is an Ads free online comic book reading website with high image quality. They offer an extensive collection of digital comics that can be downloaded in PDF for free. No sign-up is required to read manga online. 

Manga Panda

For manga fans, Manga Panda is a friendly website. Its stoner-friendly UI makes it a viable choice for compendiums. The website offers many manga series, most of which are available in English. Drug users can indeed access the stuff for free with announcement support. Thus, while perusing, be ready for occasional announcements. For manga fans searching for a wide selection of English-language publications, Manga Panda is a reasonably priced and easily accessible option.


Toonily is a popular online platform for manga and webtoon enthusiasts, offering a diverse collection of genres for free. With a user-friendly interface, Toonily encourages community interaction through comments and ratings. However, concerns about copyright and creator rights persist.


Bato.to is a unique manga platform that gives priority to content written by drug addicts and addicts themselves. A thriving community of compendiums and scanlators supports it, cooperating to expand the manga library. Additionally, dedicated drug users can access advanced reading choices and enjoy a faultless announcement-free experience with a subscription to Batho. Because of its stoner-generated material and decorative elements, it’s a unique and fascinating hub for manga fans.

Manga Kakalkot

For manga fans, Manga Kakalkot is a lesser-known yet crucial resource. A retired gem for manga websites, that is. It offers many manga titles, some of which are undiscovered treasures inaccessible on other platforms. Manga compendiums may easily locate their desired series and chapters because of the website’s user-friendly structure, which facilitates manga reading. It’s a haven for people searching for unique and lesser-known manga titles.

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