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If you love comics, especially adult comics then you are at the right place. Shadbase is a website having a massive library of adult porn comics

Adult comics are a form of art that is comprised of sexual pictures/comics. Some people also call it anime sexually explicit art or manga pornography.

This kind of art is loved by millions of people all around the globe. Many people at the same time think that creating art that revolves around sexuality and porn is debatable. 


Shadbase is a comic website that has graphic representations of sex in the comics.  A man named Shadman is behind this web platform.

Figure 1

Shadman started creating sexual art or comics in 2010. After three years Shadbase was created in 2013 to broadcast all the artwork related to Shadman. 

Shadbase has different forms of sexual art such as:

  • Manga
  • Hentai (pornographic anime)
  • Gekiga (adult comics)

The website faced antagonism from the start because of the scandalous content of Shadbase. It was strongly opposed by two groups:

  • Religious Groups
  • LGBTQ Community

Shadbase has kept growing in the face of all these controversies. It is now a worldwide famous platform visited by millions of people monthly.

What is the Purpose of Shadbase?

Shadbase is a sexually explicit comic website that is famous for two reasons:

  • Dark Humor
  • Sexual Subject

Shadbase came into being because its owner Shadman wanted to create a platform where he could post his art without facing any restrictions and suppression.

Figure 2

The major aim behind forming this platform was freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

The true purpose is to offer an open and welcoming platform where content creators can share their art. Artists can talk and converse with each other in Community Forums.

Who is Shadman?

The original name of Shadman is Shaddai Prejean. He is a person of multiple talents. He is a well-known illustrator, comic creator, and cartoonist

Figure 3

The personality of Shadman and the dark humor he shares are appreciated by his fans a lot. There is an aspect of dark humor in his comics. 

He produces comical art full of porn and sensational content. Shadman is of Swiss descent and lives in the USA.

He uses numerous fictional characters in his sexually explicit comics. He made a famous internet meme known as Rule Number 34. Rule 34 is “Whatever exists also has a porn of it”.

Figure 4

The fan base of Shadman Includes different groups such as:

  • BSDM Community
  • LGBTQ Community
  • Sexual Comics/Art Lovers
  • People who Promote Exhibitionism

What is the History of Shadbase? was made by Shadman in the year 2010. It is a free platform with the aim of sharing art without any censorship.

Shadman also started sharing speed-illustrating and scribbling videos of his sexual comics. The videos became viral and were viewed by millions of people.

He has around 310k subscribers on his YouTube. The main source of income is revenue from

Shadbase is now known for his unique illustrations worldwide. Several media channels also spoken about his style of art.

What is Shadbase and why is it Such a Big Deal?

Shadbase is a controversial website consisting of sexual comics and anime pornography. The art created by Shadman is very raw, rude, and vulgar. 

Dark humor is the base of his illustrations. A tagline that his fans use to describe his comical art is “in your face” and “not for the faint of heart”.

Figure 5

Shadman has produced comics that portray children in sexual situations. He has also created incest-inspired comics. 

These are some of the reasons there is always an opposition to his art. Some of the countries have also blocked his website and other social media platforms relating to him.

What can I Find on Shadbase? is a free webcomic site. It can be accessed by all types of devices by just visiting the official website.

Figure 6

Users don’t need to create an account or register themselves to access the website. Users can enjoy several different things related to sexual comical art like: 

  • View Videos
  • Read Comics
  • Share their Art

The platform provided various kinds of sexually explicit comics such as:

  • Lolicon Art
  • Vanilla Porn
  • Erotic Cartoons
  • Adult Comics (Gekiga)
  • Manga (Sexual Comics)
  • Pornographic Anime (Hentai)

Shadman believes in freedom of expression and the platform he created is unrestricted. There is nothing on this webpage that is censored. 

The platform created by 31-year-old Shaddai Prejean who belongs to Switzerland can be accessed by everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

FAQs – Shadbase

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Shadbase are as follows:

Q1: How to find content on Shadbase?

Ans: The content on Shadbase is organized systematically. Users can search using the hashtags. There are different tabs for easy navigation like:

  • Featured Tab
  • Top-Rated Tab
  • Today’s Uploads
  • Newest Uploads

Q2: Why is Shadbase sexually explicit?

Ans: The owner of the website relies on freedom of expression. He produces sensational comical illustrations consisting porn (hentai, gekiga, futanari, etc.).

Q3: What are some of the site’s most popular categories?

Ans: Shadbase has a widespread collection of graphic porn comics. Some of the most prevalent classifications are as follows:

  • Milf
  • Anal
  • Futa
  • Rape
  • Gone
  • Shota
  • Incest
  • Ahegao
  • Mature
  • Monster
  • Gangbang
  • Interracial

Q4: What are some of the most popular Shadbase comics?

Ans: Some of the most popular Shadbase comics are listed as follows:

  • Shadbase Dogs
  • Shadbase Fortnite
  • Shadbase Girlscout
  • Shadbase Ben 10
  • Shadbase Pokémon
  • Shadman Halloween
  • Wonder Woman Shadbase

Q5: What is “Rule 34”?

Ans: Rule 34 is a meme which means that all the fictional characters, celebrities, and anything that exists have porn.

Q6: What is the real name of Shadman?

Ans: The real name of Shadman is Shaddai Prejean who is Swiss living in America.

Q7: What happened to

Ans: According to the reports Shadbase was shut down by the authorities after the owner Shadman was arrested for assault with weapons charges.


Art is a creative practice to express feelings and thoughts. is a forum where sexually explicit comical art is shared without any censorship.

The platform offers a huge variety of sensual comics made by Shadman. Shadman is known for his dark humor-inflicted art.

His style of art is opposed is loved by many and opposed by many at the same time. The comical art formed by Shadman can simply be defined in terms like raw, rude, and vulgar.

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