Your Guide to the Perfect Day in Surfers Paradise 

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is a truly stunning spot on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia! It offers a variety of activities, places to eat, and things to see. A day in Surfers Paradise is sure to be a gorgeous mix of excitement and relaxation, as you can do as much or as little as you choose. To save you from any planning, we’ve created a schedule for how to spend a perfect day in this iconic coastal destination. 

Start with Breakfast 

There are plenty of cute cafes right near the beach, so why not start your day with a stroll along the coast and nearby shops and take your pick? Whether you’re in the mood for coffee and a bacon roll, a healthy smoothie bowl, or some delicious vegan options, Surfers Paradise has it all. Just make sure you eat enough to fuel yourself up for what’s next! 

Hit the Beach! 

Of course, it’s time to head to one of Surfers Paradise’s world-famous beaches. You simply cannot come to this area and not bask in the sun and enjoy the surf! If you need to get your own board, there are a few places you can rent the equipment you’ll need. It’s also worth chatting to someone in the know to ensure the waves are suitable if you’re a beginner. Alternatively, you could take a class to get some extra support. During the summer, with the Northeast swells making their way onto land, this place becomes ideal for surfing. 

Explore Cavill Avenue 

After some fun out on the water, it’s time to take a leisurely stroll along Cavill Avenue. This is a pedestrian mall in the heart of the shopping and entertainment district. So, shop to your heart’s content. There is a wide range of unique boutiques offering souvenirs, beachwear, and more. This place has a really great atmosphere, so you’ll want to take your time soaking it in. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with the iconic Surfers Paradise sign for the perfect vacation souvenir.

Lunch On the Go! 

After this morning’s surf, you’re sure to be hungry. Why not treat yourself to a local delicacy from a street food stall on Cavill Avenue? The dining options here are incredibly diverse, so whether you fancy fries, Italian food, noodles, dumplings, or pole bowls, there’ll be something for you! 

Adventures at Sea

Now you’re fueled up, it’s time to head back to the beach for some water-based activities. From jet skiing and parasailing to stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, there are plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping on the water. If these activities feel a little too action-packed for you, instead, you can opt for a leisurely cruise along the Gold Coast’s scenic waterways. This is a great option as you gain a completely new perspective of the city’s stunning skyline. 

Enjoy some Dinner 

Finish a perfect day indulging in some delicious Persian food Gold Coast Surfers Paradise. You can choose to enjoy your food indoors or in the alfresco dining area if you’d prefer to catch the sunset or soak up the last of the sun’s rays. This top spot has actually been awarded Gold Coast’s best restaurant, having won the 2020 TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice, so you know you’ll be getting the best of the best. So whether you’re in the mood for seafood, some kebobs, or a banquet for two, Shiraz has got you covered. They even have a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options available. Don’t skip dessert and choose from a range of traditional faaloodeh, a classic cheesecake or some cooling ice creams. 

After Dark Entertainment 

With a full stomach, it’s time to take advantage of the area’s nightlife. Surfers Paradise comes alive after dark with a wide range of activities to enjoy. You could catch a live music performance or comedy show or dance the night away at one of the area’s lively bars. For those craving a little more culture, why not head to a theatre production or indigenous performances that showcase the rich heritage of the region? Whatever your preference, one thing is for sure: it’ll be a night to remember. 

With its stunning beaches, delectable food scene, and an endless array of activities, Surfers Paradise offers the ideal ingredients for a perfect day on the Golden Coast. 

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