MangaNato: Detailed Guide

MangaNato: Detailed Guide
MangaNato: Detailed Guide

MangaNato is an online manga website where you can read manga (comics) for free. The founder and developer of Manganato Comics is Day Truong. The platform has also offered its services in the form of an online manga reader allowing you to download and read manga for free. The app is useful in finding new manga easily and has the option of reading manga offline.

The interface of the website is very user-friendly and easy. Manga fans can read and follow manga without any difficulty. Some of the content is only available on the premium version which is locked behind a paywall.

There are many online manga reading website to read manga series translated into English. This blog will also provide you with information about alternatives to MangaNato manga reader, which is one of the most popular sites to read manga online.

History of Manga:

Manga literally meanswhimsical pictures”. Manga is a very old kind of art and its origins date back to the 12th century. However, the word “manga” in its contemporary usage started in 1900. Manga in its modern form of first published in newspapers as comic strips in the 1930s

Immediately after Japan’s economic prosperity in the 1980s and 1990s, Manga reached its pinnacle and because of the surge in its popularity over a billion manga collections were released yearly. Manga is still very famous around the globe specifically in Japan. 

It is now a multi-billion-dollar industry and due to the process of digitization manga fans now read their beloved manga comics online instead of paper editions. 

What is Manganato?

MangaNato is an online manga comic website that offers a extensive library of manga series. Manga fans love this website because it is user-friendly and simple. It has high-quality comic images that load rapidly without any interruption. 

Manganato home
Source: Manganato

It is absolutely free but some of it’s content is subscription based. The content on MangaNato is always updated. Mobile users don’t need to download any extension to browse the website. The website is absolutely safe to browse as their are no popup or spam advertisements on this site.

Why is MangaNato is popular?

MangaNato Comics reader is famous and popular among manga fans because of its amazing features and the customer support it provides to its paid users. Manganato regularly updates quality content for their reader that’s why it has more then 10M views per month.

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MangaNato: All You Need to Know

Reading manga on MangaNato is very easy and anyone interested in manga can read it without help. Firstly, create an account on MangaNato, now search the manga you want to read in the search bar, and then find the desired chapter and start reading. Furthermore, there is an option to zoom in or out of the pages and you can save your favorite manga comics to read them again. 

Many manga comics published in Japan are in their own language (Japanese) but MangaNato provides you with an option to translate and read it into your desired and preferred language. The website allows you to select from a much larger selection of languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc. In this way, you can enjoy and catch up with all the manga series without the fear of missing out.

MangaNato also has an active community forum where readers can discuss different topics related to manga with like-minded people. Visit MangaNato regularly if you love talking about manga, anime, and cosplay with people who have the same interests.

How to Read Manga for Free Using Manganato?

If you are a manga fan you can read a large collection of manga comics free on MangaNato. Following is a way to use MangaNato to read free manga: 


  • Visit the MangaNato website: Search MangaNato in your browser to access a vast variety of manga.


  • Search for your desired Manga title: You can search for your desired manga series by writing a title on the search bar.


  • Select your desired title/chapter: Choose your favorite manga title from the search result.


  • Start reading your Manga for free: Click on “Read Now” and start reading your desired manga comics.


  • Customize your reading experience: You can easily personalize the settings and enhance your reading experience by opting for settings like adjusting the brightness, switching to full-screen mode, etc.

Tips for Finding the Best Manga on MangaNato:

Manganato has a wide collection of manga titles, starting from famous and ongoing series to old series that you might want to read again or have never heard of before. 

Shoujo manga is targeted toward a female audience and shounen manga is targeted toward a male audience. Additionally, some manga is targeted toward a younger audience while others are more mature and feature more graphic content. 

Source: Manganato

It is difficult to choose from the vast collection of manga so follow these helpful tips to find the best manga comics on MangaNato:

Tip 1:

  • Use the Search Bar: You can search for your favorite manga titles on the MangaNato search bar according to your interests. You can even search for your preferred genre such as drama, romance, action, etc and it will provide you with all the related manga titles or series.

Tip 2:

  • Check the Popular and Latest Sections: You can choose from the Popular and Latest sections as the Popular section has all the hits and the Latest section has all the new and up-to-date manga titles. 

Tip 3:

  • Explore the Categories: Manganato has arranged its manga titles into different groups or categories, such as action, romance, horror, comedy, etc. Every category is further divided into subcategories e.g. the romance category has a love triangle and office romance.

Tip 4:

  • Read Reviews and Ratings: Readers can review and rate manga titles on MangaNato which is helpful for upcoming readers to choose the perfect manga title according to their preferences.

Benefits of MangaNato Comics:

Manganato manga reader is free for all only some content is on paid membership. The interface is user-friendly and simple. Here are some of the benefits of MangaNato comics:

  1. Access Anywhere: You can access and read manga anywhere from your mobile phone. 
  2. Recommendation Lists: Choose manga titles according to your interest from the lists.
  3. Wide Genres: You can read many genres such as romance, mystery, action, fantasy, horror, etc.
  4. Easy Sharing: You can easily share links to your favorite manga with your friends and family. 
  5. Less Paper: You can save paper and help the environment by reading it online.
  6. Cost-Effective: Manga is a cost-effective way to learn and explore a new language and culture.

Common Issues and Solutions for Reading Manga on Manganato:

There are some problems you face while reading on any online website. 

Below are some solutions to the common problems while reading manga online so you can read manga without any distractions: 

Solution 1: 

  • Slow Loading Speed: Slow loading speed is one of the most annoying issues that readers may experience on Manganato. You can solve this issue by cleaning your browser’s cache. You can also try to use the website during off-peak hours to avoid heavy traffic.

Solution 2: 

  • Broken Pages or Missing Chapters: Broken pages or missing chapters can make your reading experience awful. This can happen due to errors during the uploading process or copyright claims. You can solve this problem by reporting to the website support or by finding other sources for the missing pages or chapters.

Solution 3: 

  • Annoying Ads: Pop-up advertisements can be frustrating while reading and can break the flow. You can easily solve this issue, by becoming a premium member or by using ad-blocker extensions.

Solution 4: 

  • Compatibility Issues: If your device is not compatible with running MangaNato then you can solve this issue by using the latest Adobe Flash Player version or by using an updated browser. Your device must support HTML5 to use manga.

Solution 5: 

  • Unfamiliar Manga Titles: Manganato has a large manga collection and keeping track of what you are reading can be hard. You can solve this issue by bookmarking your favorite title or series or by creating a reading list. 

How Manganato website makes money?

MangaNato Comics is available free on the App Store and Google Play for Android and Apple users. They make money in the following ways:

  1. Advertising: MangaNato Comics gets the major part of its revenue by advertising products and services on the site
  2. Sponsorship: MangaNato also sponsors a comic strip or daily comic strip to earn revenue. 
  3. Affiliate marketing: They also earn profit by selling products and services through affiliate links mentioned in each comic strip’s description page or within the text during reading.

Best 5 Manganato Alternatives:

There are many websites and apps that are alternatives to MangaNato on the internet. Some of the best alternatives are mentioned below ranked from number one to five:


It is one of the best alternatives to MangaNato. It has some amazing features such as the option of downloading manga and reading it later. It has a search option and contains quality content.

Source: Mangafox


It has one of the largest manga collections available online. It is simple and easy to use and has an option to download pictures at no cost.

Source: Mangapark


Mangafreak is a Japanese manga website and the best option if you want to read thousands of mangas in high quality. It has an option to follow your favorite authors or series so you don’t miss anything.

Source: Mangafreak


Myreadingmanga is also a good option to read manga online. It has a wide range of good-quality manga and you don’t need to subscribe to it for reading and availing the facilities they are providing to manga lovers and readers.

Source: Myreadingmanga


This website is also a good source of manga and has a large collection of manga available. It does not host the content but allows users and readers to upload and share manga comics on their website.

Source: Mangakakalot

Pros and Cons of MangaNato:

Here are some of the pros and cons of ManganatoP

This website is (very) oldThe owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity and a high number of suspicious websites are on this server.
The SSL certificate is valid
This is an art and entertainment site
This website is trusted by Trend Micro
This website has received positive reviews
This website is safe according to DNSFilter
This website is considered safe by Multiverse
This website is deemed to be popular by Tranco
The domain name has been registered for more than one year in advance
This website does not contain phishing or malware according to Flashstart

Manganato Salient Features:

Some of the salient features of MangaNato are as follows:

  • Offline Reading
  • Regular Updates
  • Customization Option
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Extensive Manga Library

FAQs about MangaNato:

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Manganato are as follows:

Q1: What is Manganato?

Ans: MangaNato is an online platform that has the facility to read and download manga comics for free. It has easy and user-friendly interference with a vast variety of manga.

Q2: Who is the founder of MangaNato?

Ans: The founder and developer of MangaNato Comics is Day Truong.

Q3: Is the MangaNato website illegal?

Ans: No, it is a completely legal site.

Q4: What are the most observed manga on MangaNato?

Ans: Some of the most popular manga series available on this website are: 

  • Painter of the Night
  • Under the green light
  • Seduce the Villain’s Father
  • Dangerous convenience store
  • Father, I Don’t want this marriage

Q5: What language manga will be available on this site?

Ans: Manga on this website is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Korean, are available on this site. 

Q6: Is there an app available for MangaNato?

Ans: No, their is no official Manganato app all links on google play store for manganato are not official, Since their website has also not mentioned any link for mobile app.

Q7: How to promote a website like MangaNato Comics?

Ans: This is an internet era and social media is the best and most impactful way to promote your website or app. You can use social media to tell people about your site, get feedback and reviews, and even find new fans for your product. If you’re trying to get more traffic on your website or app social media can do the job of promoting your website perfectly. 


Manga literally means “whimsical pictures”. Manga is a very old kind of art and its origins date back to the 12th century. Reading manga is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Manga used to be published in newspapers but in this digital era, everything is available on the internet. Reading manga is also a great way to explore and learn literature and new vocabulary words. Reading manga can help you to improve your reading skills and learn something new about the world. 

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