Bed Bug Bites and Mosquito Bites: What are the Differences?


Bed bugs and mosquitoes are both pests that love to prey on humans and animals, and feed on their blood to survive. To the untrained eye, bites from bed bugs and mosquitoes can look and feel pretty similar, especially at first glance. Hence, it might be quite a difficult task to differentiate one from the other if you do not see the bite taking place in real-time. But, both mosquito bites and bed bug bites have some differences, and paying close attention can help demarcate the two. 

Differences Between Bed Bug Bites and Mosquito Bites: An Overview

Both bed bug bites and mosquito bites can be quite itchy and uncomfortable. But, it is essential to know which insect has attacked you to get the right treatment and also opt for the ideal pest control method.

Appearance and Location

Mosquito bites and bed bug bites look like small and red bumps. But, this is precisely where the similarities end. Mosquito bites are random and can occur anywhere outside clothing. Similarly, they are bloated, white, or red, and have a small central puncture incision.

However, bed bug bites are red pimple-like lesions. Bed bugs bite as you sleep, so you may not realize they’ve bothered you until hours or days afterward. But, the most distinct feature of bed bug bites is that they occur in a cluster of three to five bumps, and may also display a coherence in pattern, such as occurring in a zig-zag or straight line. Any part of your body that is uncovered by clothing can be vulnerable to bed bug attacks.

Duration of the Bite

Mosquito bites and the ensuing discomfort are very ephemeral. In other words, the itchiness caused by mosquito bites does not last long. In addition, the itching from mosquito bites begins immediately, even before the red bump pops up. 

Bed bug bites usually cause a rash before itching. The American Academy of Dermatology notes that bed bug bites can create itchy welts in a few days or up to 14 days.

Bed Bugs Leave a Telltale Sign on Your Bed

One pertinent and obvious sign to understand that you have been bitten by a bed bug is to check your bed. If you find dark red or black stains on your bedsheets and discover similar stains on your body, it is a good indicator that you are dealing with bed bugs. The red and dark stains on the bed sheet are actually digested blood. After eating their host, bed bugs may deposit blood on the linens.

With this, you now have the top three differences between mosquito bites and bed bug bites. If you are being bothered by pests, opt for reliable mosquito control in Sarasota. Nobody wants to deal with either problem in their homes or businesses, but professionals will have all the experience you need (as well as advanced equipment). Rather than dealing with the problem in isolation, a pest control company will help ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

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