What is TotallyScience Gitlab? How it is helping teams?

totallyscience gitlab
totallyscience gitlab

Team management is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to working with the collaboration of others. Undoubtedly, you can work alone in multiple fields except development. This field demands you to work in collaboration with different people in various phases to get an outstanding output.

If you are finding it difficult to manage your team and looking to streamline the process, try Totallyscience Gitlab. This platform has been designed for such professionals who are struggling with their project management.

Don’t you know about it? Keep reading as we will elaborate on this platform in detail in this blog. By reading this, you will learn enough about the Totallyscience Gitlab to get started seamlessly.

What is Totallyscience GitLab?

Totallyscience GitLab is an open-source platform using which you can manage your different programming projects. Totallyscience GitLab enables its users to add a project and then involve different experts to work on it. In simple words, you will get enough control to manage your project and assign concerned tasks to professionals.

Totallyscience Gitlab also offers self-hosted options where a user can host his program and gain complete control over the security of the coded

This platform doesn’t work like other project management software. But it has a simple interface with open-source features which makes everyone come and learn. Anyone can join this platform and learn from other professionals who have been working in the field for years.

In short, you can say that this platform works as a project management tool as well as a learning platform at the same time. This combination of features makes it suitable for learners and professionals both. The main reason for its simple work is continuous integration technology.

Many users think that their intellectual property won’t remain secure when they use this platform. It is completely wrong as the platform has been launched for learning and managing instead of affecting the privacy of anyone. Its central repository function will enable you to be safe and have full authority over your source code.

How you can use Totallyscience as a team management program?

Like other project management software, Totallyscience GitLab provides you with an easy approach to managing your work. Whether you are a team leader or manager, you can find a way to assign your concerned members their tasks.

Being a software developer, you must be aware of the procedure to write code and offer it to users on the internet. It includes multiple phases in between these two points including writing the code, finding errors, resolving errors, testing, and final touch before launching.

It is a complicated process to manage professionals in all phases simultaneously. TotallyScience GitLab enables you to perform all these tasks in a single window. You can assign every professional their tasks and let them work seamlessly without facing delay.

In addition, you will not need to inquire everyone about their work report. The reason is you will get a real-time preview of the progress of the software. Shortly, it will provide you a complete control over your project control without facing a single hurdle.

You won’t have to face problems like repetitive tasks assigned to the same members of your team. So, you will not need to worry about development workflow when using Totallyschience GitLab for management. It gives your team an efficient collaborative way to communicate, engage, and learn. 

Major Features of Totallyscience Gitlab

Do you know what is the most important task before joining a platform online? It is exploring the features of that platform to understand whether it is good to go or not. That’s why we have written this section to highlight a few major features of totallyscience GitLab which make it better than others.

Simple Project Management

Like other project management software, you will not find this platform with a complex interface. It has been designed with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-manage options. You can insert all details from project requirements to assigning and managing your team’s work. 

Project management basics

Whether you are an experienced person or just stepped into the software development field, you will find it simple to manage your work. No complicated or hidden options are there to make your journey hard to achieve your goal. You can use different options for access control before sharing a project with anyone. All in all, it will make the process of project management easier from the sharing of project requirements to the final touch.

Hassle-free Tracking

If you have ever worked as a team manager, you must be aware of tracking process complications. It is hard to track the performance of a team and combine it with other team members to check the overall performance of the project.

Project management

With the help of totallyscience Gitlab, you won’t face such restrictions. It will be simple for you to manage your tasks and align your team to work smoothly throughout the project. At the end of the day, you can check from a single window what has been done and what should be done in the next few days.

In short, this platform enables you to access multiple tools for issue tracking during your project progress. Another feature is the previous versions’ synchronization of the code which makes it simple for the manager to look at the old codes and compare them with the new ones. You can also work with scientific projects using the same platform by adding project requirements and discussing them with your teammates. 

Customization Flexibility

Sometimes, it is not enough to assign work to your team members but to encourage them for consistent work is also necessary. For this, a precise approach is to customize the work board and let them get attentive towards it.

By using the customization feature of TotallyScience Gitlab, you can accomplish this task. It allows you to import templates from its gallery, customize them, and add members to the board. All in all, you will be able to get the attention of your team as well as assign them to work for smooth progress to reach the final output.

Such a wide range of features makes Totallyscience Gitlab a perfect platform for developers to manage their work and end up with the expected results. You can also make changes in terms of templates in the existing projects. 

Creating the first project on Totallyscience GitLab

Creating a project in Totallyscience GitLab isn’t a difficult process because of its simple working interface. You only have to sign in to your account and follow these steps one by one.

  • Go to the “Projects” option from your dashboard
  • Tap on the “Create Project” shown on the screen
  • Add a template or use your own templates to create a project
  • Insert details of the project one by one by following the directed instructions
  • Add members and set permission for them by using the built-in options
  • Adjust other necessary settings and check twice before moving ahead
  • Once everything is double-checked, click on the “Create Project” to save the changes

With these steps, you can create a new project in totallyscience GitLab. You can access these projects from your account’s dashboard and make changes if you need to. Be mindful that some sections can’t be edited after creating a project. For example, the source code-related information, checks, and repository location can’t be changed after creating the project.

So, you should be careful while creating a project and check the details twice before creating it. The best feature in totallyscience GitLab is code repository selection. One can easily store their code once they have done with the writing process to store it. You can do a code review and move towards the next steps to accomplish the project.

Final Wrapping

In the above blog, we have discussed Totallyscience GitLab in detail. By reading this blog, we hope you have learned enough about the powerful features of the platform and are ready to use it for your team management. It will be an easy approach to access this platform, create an account, and streamline your software development tasks. Along with this, it is perfect for every team besides the level of organization or budget. It is because the developers have kept it an open-source project management platform to let everyone access and use it according to their requirements.

So, we recommend you use totallyscience GitLab if you are looking to streamline your work progress. You will never face tracking issues, low-performing results, and other common problems in your development process.

All in all, you will find it a better choice for effective communication between the team and performance. It won’t be a problem for any project manager now to work in collaboration with the teams to get their task done. They can set different access for the project owner using its amazing features related to privacy.

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