3 Ways to Save on Appliance Repairs in Hamilton

Appliance Repairs

Appliance repairs can be expensive, especially when it comes to repairs for major appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers. As appliances age, the likelihood of needing a repair increases. Having to shell out money for an unexpected appliance repair can put a dent in your wallet.

If you live in Hamilton and find yourself needing an appliance repair, there are ways you can save money instead of paying full price. Being strategic and proactive when appliance issues pop up can make repairs much more affordable. This article will provide money-saving tips on 3 key ways to save on appliance repairs in Hamilton.

1. DIY Minor Repairs

While major appliance repairs often require professional, minor issues can frequently be addressed on your own without needing to call an Appliance Repair Expert. Doing minor troubleshooting and repairs yourself allows you to avoid service call fees and hourly labor charges.

There are many basic do-it-yourself fixes you can attempt before deciding if professional appliance repair is necessary. Simple things like checking hoses, belts, filters, drains, doors, latches, and thermostats can fix some basic problems. Other easy DIY repairs include:

  • Cleaning coils and vents
  • Checking control boards and keypads
  • Cleaning parts prone to debris buildup
  • Confirming nothing is obstructing moving components
  • Examining and changing accessible fuses

When beginning, always review appliance manuals and online DIY guides to understand what might be causing the issue. Make sure to unplug appliances first for safety. Having some basic mechanical skills and troubleshooting knowledge goes a long way.

Be aware that amateur repairs on certain gas appliances can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.  However, taking the time to try basic DIY troubleshooting and repairs can often resolve appliance problems without expensive truck rolls from an appliance repair company.

2. Shop Around for Quotes

Don’t simply go with the first appliance repair company you find online or who can come out the soonest. The cost of appliance repairs can vary widely, so take the time the get quotes from a few different companies before deciding on one.

When reaching out for quotes, find out what their hourly rates are, what the trip charge or diagnostic fee includes, what parts/materials will cost, and confirm they service your appliance brand. Getting quotes from 3-5 appliance repair services allows you to compare and ideally select the one that will address your repair at the lowest labor cost.

Here are some tips as you shop quotes from Hamilton appliance repair services:

  • Seek small and independent repair shops – their overhead and fees are often lower than large chains and franchises
  • Read lots of online reviews to gauge the quality of service and affordability
  • Confirm they have experience with your appliance brand and model
  • Ask about any coupon specials or seasonal discounts
  • Inquire about warranty coverage on parts/labor
  • Avoid unusually high trip fees just for coming out

Taking time to gather and compare quotes sets you up to save the most money. And it ensures you select a quality appliance repair technician.

3. Ask About Refurbished Parts

Using refurbished appliance parts is another money-saving tip when appliance repairs are needed. Rather than installing brand new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that cost top dollar, refurbished parts can slash 30-50% off the parts price tag.

Refurbished parts are pre-owned appliance components that have been thoroughly inspected, repaired, tested, and restored to like-new working conditions. While not brand new, high-quality refurbished parts often carry the same 90-day warranty, last just as long, and function identically to new OEM components.

When reaching out for appliance repair quotes, ask repair shops if they offer refurbished or re-manufactured appliance parts. Some key questions include:

  • Where do you source refurbished parts and who re-manufactures them?
  • What warranty do you provide on refurbished parts?
  • On average, how much money could parts refurbishment save me?
  • Do you anticipate my repair will require any proprietary electronics or smart chips?

Using refurbished ranges, refrigerators, washer/dryer control boards, motors, pumps, and door gaskets provides massive savings. Just be selective of part quality. Paying a bit more for durable, reliable refurbished parts still cuts costs substantially over new ones!


Needing an appliance repair in Hamilton can be stressful and expensive. But being proactive about trying minor DIY fixes first, taking time to shop quotes from repair shops for the best rate, and installing affordable refurbished parts allows you to complete appliance repairs with less financial pain.

Utilize these practical budget-friendly tips: assess what you can DIY, compare rates across multiple appliance techs, and benefit from parts refurbishment. Follow these pointers to get optimum savings on all your Hamilton appliance repairs!

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