Things to Consider When Refitting a Large Older Property

Refitting a Large Older Property

Purchasing and refitting a large, older property can be an exciting yet daunting task. While the potential is high for creating your dream home, there are several important factors to consider before taking on such a major renovation project. Proper planning and preparation can help ensure the process goes smoothly.

Have a Clear Vision

Before any work begins, it’s essential to have a clear vision of how you want the finished property to look and function. Take time to think about your goals, needs and lifestyle. How will you use the various rooms? What is your desired aesthetic? What features are must-haves? 

Compile inspiration photos and create a detailed wish list. This will provide direction and focus for the refit.

Make sure you work within planning limitations. For example, listed buildings are protected by law and can’t be altered or extended without consent from your local planning authority. Always speak to the planning department or Historic England to verify what you can and cannot do. Once you are certain what’s doable, you can move forward.

Hire Professionals

Though tempting for budget reasons, refitting an older home is not a DIY project. Hire reputable architects, surveyors, contractors and subcontractors. Their experience and expertise are invaluable. They can assess the property’s current state, identify any issues, provide guidance on the build and ensure the refit is completed properly. This saves time, money and headaches down the road.

Have a Measured Building Survey

It’s critical to have measured building surveys carried out by a company like Surveys like this give you a detailed analysis of the building’s structure and condition, noting where windows and doors are, their heights, and also where things like light switches are located. This is critical information, especially in a larger property. Floor plans and building elevations can be presented in 2D or 3D. 

Expect the Unexpected

When revamping an old building, expecting the unexpected is vital. Despite thorough preparation, surveys and planning, unanticipated issues inevitably arise in these types of large-scale projects. Additional problems or repairs needed will also be uncovered once walls come down or floors are lifted. Build in a reasonable contingency fund to cover any surprises that pop up. Patience and flexibility are key.

Consider All Aspects of the Build

When envisioning the refit, look beyond aesthetics and decor. How will you update essential yet mundane elements like plumbing, electrics and insulation? These may need significant upgrades to modern standards. Ensure the roof, foundation and overall structure are solid. Also, factor in new eco-friendly features like solar panels or a heat pump. Leaving nothing overlooked will ensure your refitted home’s functionality matches its beauty.

Refitting a large, old property requires immense vision, planning and attention to detail. But the rewards make the time and effort worthwhile. If it is done properly, you’ll have a stunning, functional home tailored to your needs that will remain solid for years to come. Working with experienced professionals means your dream refit can become a reality.

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