6 Popular Home Improvement Projects That Add Value to Your Home

For Kentwood residents, home improvements often offer short-term gains in improving livability. Then, they also offer potential long-term returns when you eventually sell. With Kentwood’s soaring property values, homeowners who strategically upgrade may see substantial ROI down the road.

Not every upgrade nets you over 100% back – this is rare, even in Kentwood’s hot market. However, many projects can still yield solid resale value while improving living spaces. It’s about finding the balance between renovations that buyers covet versus ones tailored to your needs and budget.

This guide covers six home improvement projects that are sparking interest in Kentwood right now. From curb appeal boosts to interior remodels, these home upgrades check the right boxes for both residents and prospective buyers.

1. Bathroom Updates

Bathroom upgrades are your most guaranteed projects to boost resale value. Bathroom styles change over time, so renovating an outdated bathroom can help attract more buyers. As a Kentwood homeowner, you can invest in these bathroom projects:

  • Spa-Like Tubs and Showers

For the master suite, consider a large, jetted soaking tub and a spacious glass shower with a rainfall showerhead. These high-end bath features provide a relaxing, spa-like retreat. This is not a small project, so consult a top-rated expert for shower replacement in Kentwood Michigan to ensure everything goes perfectly.

  • Double Vanities

Double bathroom vanities are hot ticket items, allowing two people to get ready at once. Likewise, adding a double vanity shows that the bath is designed for convenience and comfort.

  • Tile Surrounds

Tile tub, shower, and backsplashes remain on-trend. Use natural stone tile and neutral colors to appeal to the widest range of buyers. Glass tile accents can also provide an updated, modern look.

The overall ROI for mid-range bathroom remodels is 69%, while upscale bathroom overhauls can recoup over 70% of your investment.

2. Outdoor Living Upgrades

To take advantage of Kentwood’s temperate climate, one of the most popular home improvement projects is enhancing outdoor living spaces. Smart outdoor upgrades include:

  • Patio Addition

One of the fastest ways to enhance your outdoor living potential is by adding square footage. Expanding your existing patio or building a new flagstone or concrete paved space means more room for Kentwood homeowners to relax, dine, or entertain. Pay attention to smooth grading, drainage, and accessibility from indoor living areas. Then decorate your expanded patio with eye-catching planters, a fire feature, or even an outdoor kitchen to create a luxurious backyard oasis.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

Complete with a grill, sink, mini fridge, and cabinetry, outdoor kitchens fully equip your patio for hosting get-togethers. Fire pits and heating lamps allow for expanded use during cooler weather.

  • Pergola or Pavilion

Expand your usable outdoor living area by installing a backyard pergola or pavilion. These permanent shade structures allow Kentwood homeowners like you to enjoy fresh air regardless of sunlight or rain. 

Classic cedar wood lends a timeless appeal, while lightweight polycarbonate roofing cuts UV rays without casting dense shadows. Outfit the space with comfy patio furniture and vibrant container gardens to create an inviting, lush retreat steps from your home.

Outdoor living projects can recoup around 70% of your investment, greatly expanding the livable space.

3. Kitchen Remodels

Just like bathrooms, kitchen remodels are guaranteed to boost your home’s value. As you know, open floor plans are gaining popularity. If you haven’t already, invest in breaking the wall down between your kitchen and living areas. It makes the home feel larger as well as modern. You can also consider the following:

  • Granite or Quartz Countertops

2024 is all about how to customize the most natural into the most stylish. Hence, natural stone countertops like granite and quartz are preferred by buyers. You can also go with a neutral color palette to attract potential purchasers.

  • Add Open Shelving

Out with the old, in with the open! Bulky upper cabinets are falling out of favor as sleek, modern open shelving takes center stage in 2024 kitchen trends. Floating shelves make rooms appear larger by drawing the eye upward and eliminating visual barriers. The airy, uncluttered aesthetic also feels fresh and stylish. Just be sure to edit your belongings before putting them on exhibit!

  • Island or Peninsula

Adding an island or peninsula creates a more functional workspace and also enables that popular open layout. Use the additional counter space and storage to maximize the usability of your new kitchen.

According to the National Association of REALTORS, mid-range major kitchen remodels can yield a 75% ROI, while upscale kitchen overhauls can recoup over 80% of your investment.

4. Garage Upgrades

With cold winters and snowy weather, garages take on added importance in Kentwood. Garage upgrades like these can make your home more functional and appealing:

  • Insulation

Properly insulating garage walls and ceilings can help moderate interior temperatures. This keeps garages more habitable for workshops or gatherings.

  • Heated Floors

Radiant heating under garage floors remains an upscale upgrade. Warm floors make winter chores like snow removal more bearable.

  • Built-In Storage

Add storage solutions like shelving, cabinetry, wall systems, and workbenches tailored to your needs. Custom storage keeps garages clean, organized, and usable.

The ROI for a basic garage upgrade is around 75%, while some higher-end heated garage makeovers can approach full cost recovery.

5. Windows and Doors

Replacing worn-out or dated windows and doors with modern energy-efficient models can make homes brighter, quieter, and more comfortable. For 2024, options like these are popular:

  • Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl remains the top choice for replacement windows thanks to its performance, durability, and cost. Look for double or triple-pane glass and inert gas fills for optimal efficiency.

  • Fiberglass Entry Doors

Attractive and durable fiberglass is displacing wood as the preferred material for entry doors. Available in endless styles from modern to traditional, fiberglass resists dings and dents while providing excellent insulation.

  • Smart Locks

Keyless smart locks allow homeowners to control access remotely using smartphones. This adds convenience while boosting home security.

Investing in window and door replacements can yield 60-75% ROI in boosted home value.

6. Flooring Refreshes

Updating worn, outdated flooring instantly gives homes a lighter, brighter, more modern feel. The 2024 flooring trends offering great ROI in Kentwood include:

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

LVP provides the look and feel of natural wood or stone. On top of that, it has maximum durability and high scratch resistance. Made from PVC, LVP is also waterproof and easy to clean, making it an on-trend flooring choice for living rooms and kitchens.

  • Tile Visuals

Porcelain, ceramic, and composite tiles mimic wood looks, and natural stone remains widely popular. Use large format tiles for seamless, contemporary visuals.

  • Green Flooring Materials

Environmentally friendly flooring options like locally salvaged hardwoods, bamboo, cork, and recycled tiles satisfy the demand for sustainability.

Typical flooring refreshes cost anywhere from $3-8 per square foot installed, with the potential to recoup 100% or more of your investment.


Kentwood remains one of West Michigan’s most appealing suburbs, with home values rising annually. In 2024, Kentwood’s housing market, remodeled and updated homes command premium pricing and sell quickly. So, properly executed projects tailored to current buyer preferences can yield big dividends when you eventually look to sell. Kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, and garage upgrades provide excellent return on investment. At the same time, replacing floors boosts aesthetics and functionality.

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