Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours Open/Closed in 2024

In this lockdown time, we need excellent online shopping. We have to buy grocery items and consider them under our budget. If you wonder about online shopping, make use of this Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours of course, it is an American supermarket that allows one to purchase items anytime, anywhere.

Before planning to visit, make sure to read about its holiday hours. Don’t bother about saving a price for shopping. Instead, choose the Save-A-Lot supermarket to purchase the required items.

They sell only quality products at bargain prices. You may also check the holiday hours, closing/opening timing, respectively.

Therefore, it helps you to plan a visit accordingly. Also, find out where the nearest save-a-lot store is and what time does it close today. Save-A-Lot is a supermarket where you will find out exclusive items at a single place. In this article, you can check out the Save-A-Lot holiday hours and open/closing timings.

Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours

Looking to save on your holiday shopping this year? Then be sure to check out the Save-A-Lot holiday hours! From Black Friday deals to special holiday hours, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your holiday shopping today and be sure to take advantage of all the great savings at Save-A-Lot!

Save-A-Lot Operation Hour

Save-A-Lot is a discount grocery store owned by Supervalu, and it is a nontraditional grocery store that operates nearly than 1300 locations in the United States.

It typically carries grocery products that have less variety when compared to conventional supermarkets. Of course, this supermarket offers a bakery, canned goods, cereal and breakfast, and other products. This store is very famous, and we all love to shop during this lockdown time. Customers have to check holiday hours when the shop is open and close.

It is easy for you to plan and make a visit to this store regularly. When compared to traditional markets, Save-A-Lot offers a quick solution at the time of purchasing.

Therefore, customers must prefer this supermarket to buy items anytime, anywhere. Customers can find out many stores across 36 states. So, they can search for the nearest store operating during this lockdown.

Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours

Everyone will find out quality fresh products from this store. It brings forth numerous products that are fresh and suitable at the time of purchasing. The holiday hours are necessary because customers want to know the timings of the shop.

This article will see the complete schedule of opening/closing Save-A-Lot hours. The supermarket opens on the majority of holiday hours but has only limited working hours. So, you should plan well and visit the shop to purchase the products easily.

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Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours Opening and Closing Timing

The Save-a-lot store opens every day of the week from morning till evening. To carry out comfortable shopping experience, Save-a-lot supermarket opens every day for your convenience.

You have to find the exact closing and opening hours of this store. You have to look further regarding the opening and closing timing. It saves your energy as well as a time when you check the opening/closing hours. During holidays, there will be a slight change in the timings.

As a result, you should plan well and visit this supermarket accordingly. From Monday to Friday, the shop will remain open for customer’s comfortable experience. You can find this store in most of the locations. The majority of the stores are open from Monday to Friday. Likewise, Save-a-lot opens all days in a week.

Save-A-Lot Hours
  • Monday 8 AM-8 PM
  • Tuesday 8 AM-8 PM
  • Wednesday 8 AM-8 PM
  • Thursday 8 AM-8 PM
  • Friday 8 AM-8 PM

Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours Details Information

Before you plan your visit, you must check Save-A-Lot holiday hours. The store remains open for the majority of holidays but closes for some important festivals. The store opens for most of the public holiday’s remains closes for official days.

In this article, customers can check everything about the holiday hours of Save-a-lot. The supermarket closes for early holiday seasons compare to regular days. So, you should plan well and visit the store accordingly. You should know about whether the shop is opening on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter day. See below for your kind reference regarding the holiday hours of Save-a-lot.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Tax Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Black Friday
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Easter Sunday

The store remains closed on the following holidays. They are given below as follows.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

Save-A-Lot Near Me Location and other details

Save-a-lot has plenty of location and might be no trouble in reaching the shop quickly. However, you must find out the nearest locations as well as timings. Customers can access retailer websites to locate the shop accurately.

Therefore, it does not give hassles when you want to check how late is Save-A-Lot open today. You can check the closest location by using Google Maps. It allows one to trace out the nearby locations as well as its operating schedule.

Save-A-Lot hour Customer Service Contact Details

In case of any queries, customers can contact the customer service via 1-314-592-9100. It reaches the customer service department at your local store during regular business hours. The customer service centre opens from Monday to Friday.

You will contact them via email and find out automated messages with a live agent. Customers will receive a message to your queries within five business days. Using social media, consumers can contact the department by their official links given on websites. Or else contact them directly at the store address given below.

  • Address: 400 Northwest Plaza Drive
  • Ann, MO 63074
  • Contact Number: (888) 725-4537
  • Website:


The holiday hours of Save-A-Lot Holiday Hours are discussed in the above discussion. Hence, customers should plan well and make their purchase more manageable.

As a result, the closing/opening hours of this store are also explained clearly. Without any hassles, you can check the complete schedule of this Save-a-lot store accordingly. You can contact the customer service department regarding the timings.

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Q.1 : Is save-a-lot opens on Christmas day?

Ans : No, the store remains closes on this holiday.

Q.2 : Why is save-a-lot so cheap?

Ans : The prices are quite affordable for quality products. So anyone purchases the items at this store anytime.

Q.3 : What payment methods are accepted by Save-a-lot?

Ans : The payments are accepted via cheque, cash, debit, and credit cards.

Q.4 : Does save a lot have coupons?

Ans : Of course, the store has coupons and offers for the purchasing items.

Q.5 : Does save a lot provide advertising circulars?

Ans : Yes, it offers advertising circulars to the customers by local grocery store ads


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