Janet Condra

Janet Condra

Janet Condra rose to prominence as Larry Bird’s ex-wife, a former American basketball player of elite standing. Although their marriage represented a long and happy relationship, it did not last long. Bird got married to someone else after they separated. However, Janet Condra has never publicly engaged in a romantic relationship or remarried. But what is her life like after Larry Bird? What is her profession? How was her life before she married Larry? Let’s explore every aspect of Janet Condra’s life and career that has garnered international recognition.

Janet Condra’s Net worth

Since Janet Condra has kept her personal life private, it is impossible to determine her net worth. Her employment status and salary have yet to be made public. It is approximated that her net worth is approximately $500,000. However, her ex-husband’s net worth is estimated to be around $75 million. Furthermore, the amount she received as part of the divorce settlement remains unknown.

Janet Condra’s Biography

Midway through the 1960s, Janet Condra was born in Indiana, USA. Her exact birthday and astrological sign are not disclosed. She is Christian and of Caucasian heritage. The names and identities of her family members are unknown. Condra graduated from Springs Valley High School with a high school diploma. Despite her notoriety, Janet has kept her family life quiet. All we know is that she was raised in the United States and was born into a Caucasian household, according to sources. Her career history is limited to the fact that she supported her family by working two jobs.

Janet Condra’s Relationship with Larry Bird

Condra and Bird attended Spring Valley High School together and became friends. After that, it evolved into dating and finally marriage. They married in November 1975 and celebrated the occasion with a small ceremony. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long; after just a year, they were having a lot of problems. The couple eventually got divorced in October 1976. Corrie, their daughter, was born in 1977. In 1989, Bird remarried Dinah Mattingly, and the two of them adopted two kids. Condra raised their daughter Corrie alone, avoiding contact with the media. After her divorce from Bird, she stayed single and didn’t engage in any romantic relationships in public.

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