Factors To Consider When Investing In Premium Turf

Premium turf
Premium turf

Sir Walter Buffalo grass has long been recognized as one of the finest turf varieties available, boasting lush greenery, excellent durability, and easy maintenance. However, as per turf experts Sydney Lawn And Turf Australia when considering Sir Walter Buffalo turf for your lawn, Sir Walter Buffalo’s price should always be taken into consideration. In this blog, we’ll look at all of the factors that affect its price point as well as the long-term benefits offered by this premium variety – as well as how to make an informed decision when investing.

Quality and Origin

Sir Walter Buffalo turf prices depend heavily on its quality and origin. Turf that was produced and harvested under ideal conditions tends to command higher prices due to its superior characteristics, as can its source. Turf sourced from reliable vendors who adhere to industry standards may come at a slightly higher cost, yet still guarantee optimal results in your lawn.

Supplier Reputation

Supplier reputation plays a pivotal role in determining Sir Walter Buffalo’s prices. Established and reliable providers often invest in advanced cultivation methods, quality control processes, customer support services, and after-sales support – so their prices may be slightly higher but you’ll know you are receiving top-quality turf with exceptional after-sales support service.

Turf Thickness and Density

Turf thickness and density play an integral part in its price point. Thicker and denser turf requires additional resources, time, and labor for cultivation and harvest, leading to an increased price point; however, dense turf offers greater coverage, wear resistance, aesthetic appeal, and resilience, making it a worthwhile investment for creating beautiful lawns that last.

Delivery and Installation

Some turf suppliers include delivery and installation services as part of their package, which may impact the overall Sir Walter Buffalo price. Though these additional services add to your costs, they could save both time and effort spent finding separate contractors for delivery and installation services.

Order Size

Your turf order size can have an impactful effect on its price per square meter, potentially yielding volume discounts that reduce overall costs associated with buying Sir Walter Buffalo turf. Ordering large quantities could result in volume discounts which reduce total expenditure for this purchase.

Long-Term Benefits of Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Although Sir Walter Buffalo turf may appear more expensive initially than other varieties, it offers numerous long-term advantages that make it an invaluable investment:

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Minimal upkeep

Sir Walter Buffalo grass requires minimal upkeep, eliminating the need for frequent watering, mowing, and fertilization.


Sir Walter Buffalo is known to be highly drought-tolerant, making it suitable for Australian climates with water restrictions.

Shade Tolerance:

This turf variety excels at growing in areas with shade-casting trees or buildings, making it the ideal choice for lawns that feature trees or buildings casting shadows on them.

Weed and Pest Resistance:

Sir Walter Buffalo grass forms a dense mat that inhibits weed growth and lowers the risk of pest infestations, making it highly resistant to both.


Our lawn can self-repair itself quickly from wear and tear, providing a consistently beautiful lawn.

Making an Informed Decision

When purchasing Sir Walter Buffalo turf for your lawn, keep these tips in mind to make an informed decision:

Research Suppliers

When researching suppliers, make sure they have excellent customer reviews and an established track record in providing top-quality Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

Request Quotes

Obtain quotes from various suppliers to compare prices and services available.

Evaluate Benefits

When evaluating Sir Walter Buffalo turf’s value, take into account its long-term advantages like reduced maintenance needs and an improvement in lawn aesthetics.

Consult With Experts

Consult with lawn care professionals or turf experts in order to select the most suitable turf for your specific needs and circumstances.

If you feel uncertain about installing the turf yourself, make inquiries with your supplier about the delivery and installation services they offer.

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Sir Walter Buffalo turf offers many advantages, from low maintenance requirements to drought and shade tolerance, weed resistance, and self-repairing capabilities. While its initial cost may be higher compared to other varieties of lawn grasses, its long-term benefits and lasting beauty make it worth investing in.

Before investing, take your time researching reputable turf suppliers and request quotes before making your decision to ensure you receive maximum value from your purchase of Sir Walter Buffalo grass. With its exceptional characteristics and ease of care requirements, this premium variety can create lush and vibrant lawns you’ll enjoy for years.

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