Everything About BA: Admission 2024, Entrance Exams, Fees, Career Scope

bachelor of arts degree

An undergraduate college degree known as a bachelor’s degree can help you progress in your career, study more about a certain field (such business, psychology, or many other areas), or get ready for graduate school. You probably already know that a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree is required to apply to most jobs. Getting a bachelor of arts degree is one of the most important things you can do to increase your earning potential and job chances.

The full form of a BA is a Bachelor of Arts. The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the most popular undergraduate online degree courses to complete in three years. Numerous topics, including History, Journalism, Psychology, Hindi, and English, are available for study towards a bachelor’s degree. Students in India are eligible to participate in the course right away if they have earned 50% of the attainable points for 12. For the BA (Hons) or BA General course, you can enroll in a full-time, part-time, correspondence, or remote learning program.

Some of the entrance exams that students take to enter into BA programs are the SAT, JNUEE, PUB DET, CUET, and other common entry exams. Together with a few electives, five subjects must be studied. Whichever subject is selected will result in a change of subjects. The price range for BA programmes in India is between 10,000 and 1 lakh Indian rupees.

Admissions for BA Degree 2024

Applications are currently being accepted by a number of colleges for admission to their online degree courses in 2024. Those who are interested may apply by filling out the registration forms and meeting any additional requirements related to the entrance tests. Colleges offer admission to BA degrees based on merit or the outcomes of entrance tests like the SAT, JMI Entrance Exam, PUB DET, CUET, BHU UET, etc.

Universities administer entrance tests, and the process of group discussions (GD) or personal interviews (PI) determines admission to the Bachelor of Arts degree program. Every college has a different set of requirements for admission, so prospective students should check their websites to find out all the information they require. Students can earn their BA in a variety of specializations, such as English, Hindi, History, Journalism, and Psychology.

For example, Sikkim Manipal University’s educational qualification requirements are: The 10+2 certificate or 10+3 diploma must have been obtained from a recognized national or state institute or from a recognized national or state board school.

Admission Process of Sikkim Manipal University

  • After deciding a program to enroll in, register by giving your contact details and paying the registration cost.
  • Kindly include details about your training and professional background.
  • Pay the admission fee for the first semester, year, or program in its entirety.
  • Upload the required supporting files, then submit your application to complete the process.

Eligibility Criteria of BA Degree

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program can pursue a variety of careers, including teaching in the public and arts, management, law, journalism, and public communication.  The admissions process for BA programs combines entrance exams and merit. Students must get the specified cut-off grades in order to be admitted based only on merit.

The eligibility criteria for the Bachelor of Arts degree program is outlined below for prospective students to review.

  • Candidates must have earned their 10+2 diploma from an authorized board.
  • Furthermore, several universities mandate that candidates must have obtained a minimum of 50% of their possible points in the 10+2 examination. 
  • Furthermore, several universities waive the 5% mark requirement for SC/ST students.

BA Entrance Exams

While most institutions use merit to determine admittance to their BA programs, others additionally need entrance exams. After narrowing down their choice of preferred colleges, students should check the websites of each university to ensure they meet the standards for admission. They must also establish whether admittance to that particular college is decided by merit or entrance tests. As a result, they can prepare for the remaining operations and assessments.

Career Scope After Completing BA

Students interested in pursuing careers in the humanities and social & behavioral sciences have access to a wide range of employment options. Depending on the specialization selected, the job positions will change. The following fields offer competitive wage packages and a plethora of career options for BA graduates:

Social Services: Work done for the good of society is referred to as social work. A social worker is a trained practitioner who advocates for the social welfare of society. A social worker is an expert who helps people by offering them advice and support.

Counseling: A licensed health professional who helps people by listening to them and offering guidance is known as a counselor. They could be a care coordinator or a therapist. Counselors help people with problems including managing their anger, advancing in their careers, health, and lifestyle choices.

Teaching: After earning their Bachelor of Arts degree, students may choose to work as teachers. They can submit applications to work as educators or classroom teachers. A teacher is someone who assists students in gaining information, skills, or morality. A teacher may instruct students in the arts, religion, civics, history, handicrafts or vocational training, social skills, or numeracy and literacy in addition to these subjects.

Media Industry: For recent BA graduates looking to launch their careers, publishing firms, broadcast companies, news channels, magazines, advertising agencies, and sites are great options. To pursue jobs as novelists or screenwriters, they can continue their schooling and obtain an MA. 

Law: Those who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts LLB degree can begin working in the legal profession. They can work as lawyers, prosecutors, advocates, and in other capacities. It is even possible for students to pursue advanced degrees such as an MBA or an LLM.


Students can try their luck in the government and private sectors after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree. Many applicants for bachelor’s degrees take tests such as the UPSC, IAS, SSC, and others in an attempt to get a higher paying job with the government. They might also take part in bank examinations and hold management or senior executive positions in banks. With a bachelor’s degree, one can also pursue a wide range of career opportunities in the private sector, working for companies like Accenture, HCL, NDTV, The Times of India, and many more. Students can pursue an MA or PhD after receiving this undergraduate degree.

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