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ZYN is a producer of nicotine pouches. The company has introduced Zyn Rewards for their devoted consumers. 

Customers can earn Zyn points in different ways, such as:

  • Purchasing Zyn Products 
  • Referring ZYN Products to Friends
  • Sharing your Products on Social Media Platforms

These points can be redeemed later for gift boxes, future discounts, and other rewards. This article will provide you with complete insight into the Zyn Rewards Programme.

Zyn Rewards

Zyn Rewards can be earned in return for every single purchase of Zyn products. Consumers can get 15 points for buying a single Zyn nicotine pouch.

Points keep adding up to the user’s account. They can be redeemed once they are adequate to get you a reward.

The reward collection can be found on the official ZYN website. It will give you an idea about the potential rewards.

What Rewards Can I Get for ZYN?

Regular Zyn customers can avail of various rewards in return for the points they earned. Users can choose the reward themselves. Some of the examples of Zyn rewards are as follows:

  • Future Discount: Consumers can benefit from the discounted price for their future buys.
  • Gift Cards: Zyn customers can also get gift cards for brands, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.
  • Merchandise: Users can get products like t-shirts, caps, bags, etc. with the logo of the ZYN brand.
  • Donations: Instead of redeeming for yourself. The earned points can also be donated to several good causes.
  • Experiences: Zyn can give its customers lifetime experiences by providing tickets for sporting events or a concert.

How to Sign up for the ZYN Rewards Program?

Do not miss the opportunity to avail a lot of gifts from Zyn Rewards. It is very easy to sign up for the Zyn Rewards Program. Users just need a stable internet connection. 

Follow these steps to become a part of the Zyn Reward Program:

Step 1:

• Go to the official ZYN website (https://us.zyn.com/).

Step 2:

Log in if you already have an account or create a new one.

Note: The website can only be used by ages 21+

Step 3:

• Write down all the required details including name, email, address, etc.

Step 4:

• Once you are done creating an account buy a ZYN product.

Step 5:

Recover the specific reward code mentioned behind the product label.

Step 6:

• Navigate to the Zyn Rewards page on the website.

Step 7:

Write the code to earn points. 

Step 8:

• The points will be deposited into your account.

Step 9:

• Wait until there are sufficient points to redeem and earn a reward.

How to Redeem Points with the ZYN Rewards Program?

Zyn nicotine pouch consumers can redeem their points once they reach a certain range. 

Follow these steps to redeem the points to get Zyn rewards:

Step 1:

Log in to your ZYN account.

Step 2:

• Select ZYN rewards from the menu.

Step 3:

• Click on the reward of your choice.

Step 4:

• If you have enough points to get that specific reward, click on continue and complete the procedure.

Step 5:

• Wait for your gift to arrive once you get the approval email.

Rules of the ZYN Rewards Program

ZYN Rewards has some rules and restrictions that need to be followed. Some of them are as follows:

  • Customers must be over 21 years of age.
  • Selling and transferring of points is not allowed.
  • Customers can enter a maximum of sixty codes within one month. 
  • Your points will be subtracted in case you decide to return a product.
  • The label code on the product must be kept safe for at least ninety days.
  • All the additional taxes on the rewards are to be tolerated by the customer.
  • If no new points are deposited in six months, all the previous points will be lost.
  • ZYN has the right to end your program in case of violation of any terms and conditions.
  • In case of fraud or tampering attempts, all the points in the user’s account will be seized.
  • If any customer gets a reward of more than 600 USD, the company will ask for a social security number and other required information.
  • The company can discontinue the ZYN Reward Program whenever needed. Consumers will be notified 120 days before the discontinuation of the program.

Who Can Use the ZYN Rewards Program?

There are certain requirements to be eligible to use the ZYN Program. Zyn is based in the USA. The Zyn merch and rewards can only be availed by the American residents. 

Following is the list of people who are eligible to use Zyn rewards and people who are not eligible to use Zyn rewards:

People who are Eligible to Use Zyn RewardsPeople who are not Eligible to Use Zyn Rewards
Residents of the 50 States in the USAEmployees of Swedish Match employees
Residents of the District of ColumbiaImmediate families of Swedish Match employees
People 21 years old or aboveLarge groups, organizations, and clubs

Benefits of ZYN Rewards

Zyn consumers can avail of discounts and other services in return for points they earned by buying Zyn products. There are a lot of other benefits to joining the Zyn Reward Program. 

Some of them are as follows:

  • Free to Join: The Zyn reward program is free. You just need to roll yourself on the official website of the program.
  • Early Access to New Products:  ZYN rewards program members as loyal ZYN customers can enjoy the new flavors and products before everyone around.
  • Birthday Rewards: Zyn treats its members exclusively, you can get special birthday gifts. 
  • Community Benefits: Many other community benefits can be yours as a member of the Zyn Reward Program.
  • Easy to Use: The Zyn Reward Program is really easy to use. You just need to create an account on the official website and follow the instructions.

FAQs – Zyn rewards

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Zyn rewards are as follows:

Q1. How do I sign up for ZYN Rewards?

Ans. Signing up for Zyn rewards is an easy task. Firstly, create an account on the official website and then get points on each Zyn product bought.

Q2. What rewards can I get for my points?

Ans. There are a lot of possibilities to choose your reward from. Program members can get rewards like:

• Gift Cards

• ZYN Merch

• Discounts on Zyn Products

Q3. How many points do I earn per ZYN pouch?

Ans. Zyn consumers can avail of 15 points per Zyn pouch of nicotine.

Q4. How do I check my point balance?

Ans. All the earned points are deposited in your Zyn account. The point balance can be checked on the official website of Zyn.

Q5. How long are my Zyn points valid?

Ans. Zyn points are useable for only 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Q6. Can I return or exchange products and still keep my points?

Ans. Returning or exchanging a product will subtract the earned points from your account.

Q7. Are ZYN Rewards available outside of the United States?

Ans. Zyn Reward Program is only valid for residents of the USA.


Who does not like gifts? ZYN Rewards Program is an amazing program that can be used to get a load of gifts. Points need to be earned and then these points are redeemed for some amazing gifts. 

Zyn products are made up of highly addictive chemicals. Zyn pouches consist of nicotine that may cause harm to your health. People under the age of 21 should never use such products.

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