Where is the best place to buy real estate in Bulgaria

Where is the best place to buy real estate in Bulgaria

In search of profitable investments or wishing to buy real estate abroad for permanent residence, many people prefer Bulgaria.

There are many reasons for this. Bulgarian Resales Agency offers a variety of Bulgarian real estate with many current worthy offers on the site, distributed in the appropriate categories to save time and ease of search. You can choose secondary housing or new buildings. And each of the options has its own features and advantages. 

Apartments on the coast of Bulgaria and ski resorts – the choice of many

For those who dream of buying housing by the sea, and adore the mountains, real estate in Bulgaria – is a great solution. There are many offers in apart-hotels or apartment complexes. 

The features of the complex of apartments should be emphasized:

  • closed type – access only for the owners, as well as their visitors;
  • its own infrastructure for residents, the number of apartments from forty;
  • variety of amenities – cafes and bars, restaurants and stores, swimming pools and parking lots, as well as sports grounds and SPA centers. 

Everyone will be able to appreciate the maximum comfort, by choosing such offers. 

Where is better to buy real estate in Bulgaria is unequivocally difficult to answer. Some people prefer an active life, while others prefer silence. In this case, there are many options for any requests, preferences, and priority parameters. Varied prices for real estate in Bulgaria. And everyone, taking into account the budget will be able to make the right choice. 

Types of apartments and their features

In order to decide on the choice of apartments, it is worthwhile to understand what types exist and learn about their features. As a result, you will be able to choose those proposals that will optimally suit you. 

It is worth highlighting:

  • One-room studio apartments – in a single room are combined kitchen and living room, as well as a sleeping area, there is a corridor and a bathroom, as well as a terrace. This choice will be ideal for a single person or a couple. 
  • The one-bedroom apartment is a two-bedroom apartment, with a living room that is combined with the kitchen, while there is a separate bedroom. This choice is suitable for up to four people. 
  • Two-bedroom or even three-bedroom apartments are possible – large apartments with comfortable living conditions. 

In addition, for many people, the ideal choice will be a maisonette. It is a multi-level apartment, which occupies two or even three floors of the building and is characterized by a large area. There are huge verandas and terraces, and panoramic windows from which you can enjoy incredibly beautiful landscapes. These apartments may have sloping ceilings and skylights. 

The best places to buy real estate in Bulgaria can choose everyone, taking into account their needs, wishes, and priority parameters. Under any budget can be found decent offers. 

Apartments on the coast of Bulgaria and ski resorts - the choice of many

Houses in Bulgaria – real estate for vacation

Real estate in Bulgaria for vacation impresses with the variety of offers. It is worth to dwell more on houses in this country. There are different options:

  • private house;
  • townhouse;
  • cottage village. 

Each of the options has its own features and advantages. 

Real estate in Bulgaria for investment is no less attractive. There is an opportunity to buy houses and apartments at affordable prices, and real estate by the sea to rent or sell at a higher price. 

For those who want to buy a house in a ski resort, it is worth paying attention to the offers of Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo. if you want to buy private houses by the sea, it is time to pick up options in Aarna or Albena, or maybe Balchik or Burgas.

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