US Federal Holidays 2023

This site contains a list of all 2022 US Federal Holidays and US Bank Holiday Hours. The dates mentioned are subject to change if official changes are announced, so keep checking the site for updates.

The United States celebrates ten federal holidays each year. These holidays are designated by Congress and are observed by all federal employees.

The United States has ten US Federal Holiday. These are days on which the federal government offices are closed, and federal employees are given the day off. The holidays are:

US Federal Holiday

January 1, Saturday –        New Year’s Day             

January 17, Monday-          Martin Luther King Day 

February 21, Monday- Presidents’ Day*                  

May 30, Monday-                    Memorial Day                        

June 19, Sunday-                   Juneteenth                             

June 20, Monday-                  Juneteenth (observed)           

July 4, Monday –                      Independence Day                

September 5, Monday-           Labor Day                              

October 10, Monday-              Columbus Day                        

November 11, Monday-          Veterans Day                        

November 24, Thursday-        Thanksgiving Day                  

December 25, Sunday-            Christmas Day                      

December 26, Monday-            Christmas Day (observed)     

*Presidents’ Day

Note- the federal name for Presidents’ day is Washington’s birthday according to 5 US Code § 6103 – Holidays. Therefore, presidents’ day is also known as President’s Day or Presidents Day.

We have mentioned Washington’s Day as Presidents Day in this list because this holiday is known widely under this name. This day is celebrated to honour the current office-holding president and all the former presidents, not just George Washington.

US Federal Holiday

US Bank Holiday 2022

January 1, Friday-                  New Year’s Day

January 18, Monday-              Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

February 15, Monday- Washington’s Birthday

May 31, Monday-                    Memorial Day

July 5, Monday-                       Independence Day  (Observed)

September 6, Monday-           Labor Day

October 11, Monday-              Columbus Day

November 11, Thursday-        Veterans Day

November 25, Thursday-        Thanksgiving Day

December 24, Friday-                Christmas  (Observed)

December 31, Friday-                 New Year’s Day 2022  (Observed)

While many businesses and schools are closed on federal holidays, there is no law mandating that they must be closed. However, most government offices and many public places do close on US Federal Holiday. If you’re not sure whether a particular place will be open or closed on a federal holiday, it’s best to call ahead or check their website.

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Notes about US Bank Holiday

  • January 1 of 2022, the public holiday for New Year’s Day, falls on a Saturday. December 31, 2021, which is Friday, will be treated as a holiday for pay and leave purposes in case most Federal employees.
  • If a Federal holiday is a Saturday, that particular holiday will be observed on the preceding Friday.
  • If a federal holiday falls on a Sunday, that particular holiday will be observed on the following Monday.

Whether you have the day off or not, US Federal Holiday are a great time to spend with family and friends. Many people use the extra day to travel, barbecue, or just relax at home. Whatever you do, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

If you’re looking for something to do on a federal holiday, there are plenty of options! Many museums and historical sites offer free or reduced admission on these days.

You could also take a trip to one of America’s national parks or go for a hike. Or, if you’re feeling festive, you could decorate your home or office with patriotic decorations. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy the holiday!