The Ultimate Guide to Buying Authentic US Army Dog Tag Pendants

Dog Tag Pendants

Dog tags are a great way to add a masculine touch to your wardrobe. They look particularly good with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Each military service member is issued two dog tags containing vital information about the wearer – name, blood type, religion, etc. In World War II, the American dog tag began to include a notch on one end.

Check the Chain

In the United States, each military service member is issued two dog tag pendants when entering the Army. One set is worn when they are in uniform, and the other is kept in a sock drawer as a backup in case the first set is lost or destroyed in battle.

An authentic dog tag pendant is stamped with the service member’s name, rank, Social Security number or serial number, blood type, and religious preference. The information is embossed firmly into the tag, so there is little chance of it getting erased.

Look for Authenticity

Authentic US Army dog tags can only be obtained by writing to the Army and providing proof of service, such as a DD 214 form. The Army will then send the person their dog tags. Military dog tags were first introduced in the Civil War because soldiers feared they would die on the battlefield without identification and be buried unmarked. They fashioned various ways of marking their identities, from carving their names into clothing or coins to wearing makeshift ID necklaces.

By World War II, Army dog tags were mechanically stamped with the soldier’s name, rank and unit, blood type, and religious preference (marked by P for Protestant, C for Catholic, or H for Jewish). In recent years, military dog tags have been stamped with the service member’s Department of Defense identification number.

Check the Metal

While military dog tags may have moved beyond the battlefield to fashion, they still represent a sense of self-identification. They can be customized to tell a person’s story and to express their beliefs.

The information that is stamped on the tag varies depending on the person. Still, it typically includes the person’s first and last name, serial number, blood type, and religion. During the Civil War, people were buried without identification, and the dog tag was created to prevent this from happening again.

Check the Lettering

Aside from the name and branch of service, authentic dog tags have a series of numbers and letters engraved on them. These are called “medical identifiers.” The information engraved on them is crucial if you are wounded or killed in the line of duty.

The information on military identification tags includes the soldier’s name, unit, blood type, and religion. It also has a serial number that helps in identifying the soldier, should they be dismembered in battle.

Though they are more commonly associated with the military, civilians can wear them too. They look especially good when worn with dark jeans, a white T-shirt, and rugged boots. 

Check the Style

In the United States, military personnel must wear small metal tags around their necks displaying vital information such as name, blood type, and religious preference. Known as dog tags, these jewelry pieces are also worn by friends and family members of servicemen and women who have died on the battlefield to remind them of their sacrifice.

Each member of the Army is issued two sets of these IDs. The first set is worn in uniform and stamped with their name, rank, military branch, and service number. The second set is kept in a sock drawer as a backup in case the first set gets lost or destroyed.

It is widely believed that the term “dog tag” was coined by newspaper tycoon William Randolf Hearst to disparage President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, implying that the government treats its servicemen and women like dogs.

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