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Old Navy Holiday Hours – Are you an ardent lover of classic and fashionable accessories?  If so then you need to profoundly explore Old navy clothing brands.

A great acknowledgment goes to American multinational corporation gap Inc for putting forward the best designed lightweight apparel at a budgeted price.

Therefore, moving on to explore more about the brand and its popularity, we have conscripted an article with some detailed information on the Old navy holiday hours. And took the onus to enlighten you regarding other facts like opening and closing time, near me location, and contact details.

Old Navy Holiday Hours

Old Navy Holiday Hours Information

Old Navy is labeled the best for their pastel-hued apparel’s and that unambiguously becomes the trendiest. To pick the most preferable chic outfit for the night out party or hang out you need to know about the Old navy hours of operation. So here we have uploaded the details regarding the working hours of the old Navy clothing brand.

You should remember that generally, the brand follows the same working hours. But yes the hours of operation are minimized on Sundays. And the stores which are situated inside the shopping malls will follow the opening and closing time of the shopping malls itself.

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)

President’s Day

Valentines Day

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday

St. Patrick’s Day

Easter Friday

Good Sunday

Easter Monday

Cinco de Mayo

Memorial Day

Mother’s Day

Independence Day (4th of July)

Father’s Day

Columbus Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving day

Veterans Day


Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Christmas Eve

New Year’s Eve

In the meantime note that in most of the places the Old Navy stores are shut on Christmas.

Old Navy Opening and Closing time

In this para, we will inform readers regarding the Old Navy Opening and Closing time. Typically, the shops open and shut at the same time.

And the Old Navy hours of working schedules are the same for the working days. From Monday to Saturday the shops operate from 9 am to 9 pm. But on Sundays, their working hours are less which means it operates from 10 am to 7 pm. Well, in general the timing follows as shown below

Days                           Timings

Monday                9. 00 am to 9. 00 pm

Tuesday.              9. 00 am to 9. 00 pm

Wednesday.       9. 00 am to 9. 00 pm

Thursday            9. 00 am to 9. 00 pm

Friday                  9. 00 am to 9. 00 pm

Saturday             9. 00 am to 9. 00 pm

Sunday                10.00 am to 7. 00 pm

Old Navy Holiday Hours Details

Do you have any planning for getting new apparel from Old Navy shops? If yes then here in this content you will come to know about the holiday hours. The working hours typically depend on their shop timings and convenience. In the meantime, you should know that the shops working hours vary from one location to another. But usually, it is closed on the

  • Christmas

Also, note that on major holidays they usually open much earlier than the normal time and shut down a bit earlier as well.

Old Navy Near me location and other details

You can easily track the Old Navy near my location with detailed guidance on Google Maps.

To get the exact location you only need to enter the address or the zip code of the location. Once you do that you will come to know about the Old Navy hours, Old Navy Holiday Hours and it’s working hours.

Other details

Business Type: Retail

Company type: Division

Founded: 11th March 1994

Headquarters: San Francisco California

No of locations: 1106

Chief people: Sonia Syngal CEO

Areas found: Mexico, Manila, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New York

Website: www.oldnavy.gap.com

Old Navy Customer Service Contact

It might turn out to be a dilemma to find out the customer service contact details. Thus we have composed the details about the customer service contact so that you can resolve any doubt in no time.

Toll-free number



For deliveries outside of the USA

Call 614-744-3908

Address: San Francisco, California


Hopefully, this informative content with detailed facts regarding the working hours, holiday hours, opening and closing time of the Old Navy Holiday Hours will help you reach the shop physically any time you want.

Therefore go through the article at length and share this useful article will all and sundry. Also heartfelt thanks to all of you for landing up on our site. So stay in touch for more new content.

FAQs about Old Navy Holiday Hours

Q.1 What is Old Navy ?

Ans: Old Navy is a globally acclaimed American apparel brand

Q.2 Which year did the Old Navy come to the forefront?

Ans: It came to the forefront in the year 11th March 1994

Q.3 What is the working schedule of Old Navy from Monday to Saturday?

Ans: Usually, Old Navy opens at 9 am and shuts at 9 pm at the night


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