10 Best Squishmallow Pet Bed Designs

Squishmallow Pet Bed
Squishmallow Pet Bed


The squishmallow pet bed designs offer different options for pet owners to find a soft and comfortable sleeping place for their furry family members. The soft, plushy squishmallow pet beds have become popular amongst people and animals. 

They are available in various designs, sizes, and prices. Prices start from around $32 up to $35 for the larger sizes. Squishmallow pet beds come in various fun shapes and animal designs for example octopus pet beds, frog pet beds, etc. 

There are different types of pet beds available such as the Sherpa crate bed, Armarkat pet bed, and squishmallow pet bed. Prioritizing the pet’s comfort and well-being should always be on top of the list when making a purchase decision. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about squishmallow pet beds. 

What is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallow pet beds are the softest and mushiest pet beds available out there. The cushioned support around the edges provides a natural headrest and the center sleeping area is stuffed with soft polyester-fiber filling and covered with soft, mushy fabric from the outside.

Squishmallow Pet Bed Designs
Figure 1 Source: kristinmerrilees (https://kristinmerrilees.medium.com/what-on-earth-is-a-squishmallow-fe22847c85f2)

Squishmallow pet bed was launched by Kelly Toys which is a toy brand that makes stuffed toys. These soft, squishy, and smooth stuffed toys come in a vast variety of textures, sizes, shapes, and colors with over 1000 different characters. 

Squishmallow pet beds are also available in different sizes, shapes, and colors for small lap cats or big dogs. The pet beds are created from the signature soft squishy material, so your pets can enjoy the softness and have a comfortable sleeping experience. Cuddling them is so comforting and some people even use the large ones as pillows.

Reasons Why You Should Go for a Squishmallow Pet Bed? 

why pet beds
Figure 2: Why pet beds

Pets are an important part of life for pet owners. The emotional attachment to pets is just like any other family member or like a child. This means that pet owners want to provide the best life they can for their pets. 

Most pets can sleep anywhere and everywhere and because of this reason, most pet owners stay in doubt whether to get a separate bed for pets or not. The truth is that it is very important. Separate pet beds are beneficial for both pets and owners. 

Some of the major reasons for this are stated below:

Personal Space: A pet is your lifelong partner and going to stay with you for life and having a personal space is essential to function properly. Sleeping with your pet is sometimes soothing and relaxing but not practical. Sharing a bed with a pet on a daily basis can be disturbing as you have to be careful while turning and tossing to find that perfect sleeping position. 

Support: Pet beds are designed for pets specifically keeping in mind their different needs and sizes, they give support to their muscles and bones. The cushioned support around squishmallow pet beds provides head rest hence, reducing stiffness in pets.

Security: A sense of security is very important for pets and having a place, they can relate to being only theirs will give them a sense of security. If you have multiple pets, then a separate pet bed for each of them is very important. 

Warmth: In cold weather floors and couches sometimes become very cold and even large human beds are not appropriate for pets. Pet beds are according to the size of your pets and provide them with ideal temperatures according to their liking. 

Health: A good night’s sleep is as important for pets as it is important for humans. Well-rested pets are healthier and happier. It is also better to sleep separately for pet owners because no matter how clean the pets are some things are harmful to health such as pet saliva or hair can cause severe health issues.

Soft and Cuddly: Squishmallow pet beds are very soft, squishy, and cozy. They are made from a special material keeping in mind the pet’s needs. They are breathable and don’t irritate the skin of the pets. Pets are messy and squishmallow pet beds are easy to wash and keep germs free.

Steps to Help Select a Squishmallow Pet Bed for Your Pet? 

You will be surprised to find that the market is full of different pet beds. Even if you have narrowed down your search and decided on going for a Squishmallow pet bed, the options are many. Just like pets come in all shapes and sizes, so do pet beds. 

There are hundreds of options in pet beds, so let’s see how to select the perfect one for your pet!

Pet Health and Behavior: Every pet is different from the others and has its own health issues, preferences, and behavior. Some dogs are chewers so the material of the bed should be strong enough. For old pets who have arthritis memory foam bed is better.

Size Matters: The Squishmallow pet bed should be according to the size of your pet so they can sit and sleep comfortably. Pet beds need to be changed over time according to their changing size.

Anti-slip Bottom: Choosing a Squishmallow pet bed with an anti-slip bottom is very important so the pet bed stays in one place and doesn’t move when the pet moves or jumps on it.

Easy to Wash:  The Squishmallow pet beds can be washed and maintained easily. It’s easy to remove dirt stains and pet hair from the Squishmallow pet bed. 

Multiple Beds for a Single Pet: It is suggested to have a separate pet bed for indoor and outdoor uses. In this way, you can easily maintain the cleanliness inside the house and the dirt outside can stay outside. 

Say No to Sharing: If you have more than one pet then it is best to use a separate bed for each pet so they can have their own space and comfort zone. Additionally, putting multiple pets in a single bed can be unhealthy.

How to Wash and Maintain Your Squishmallow Pet Bed? 

Washing pet beds
Figure 3: Washing pet beds

Pets sometimes create mess it’s always hard to clean and maintain pet-related things. Always follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the company to wash the Squishmallow pet bed.

Follow the below rules to keep the pet bed clean and long-lasting:

  • Always go through the instructions while washing and cleaning
  • Remove the cover and machine wash if the cover is removable
  • It is better to spot clean instead of soaking it all in water
  • Always use cold water while cleaning the Squishmallow pet bed
  • Always do the fabric test on a small patch that is not visible
  • Don’t run it in the dryer at all, it is better to pat dry your pet’s bed
  • Don’t leave the Squishmallow pet bed in direct sunlight for drying
  • Use a safety net, or pillowcase while washing it in the washing machine
  • Fluff the inner material to restore its shape after drying
  • Never use an iron, heated appliance, or hairdryer when drying the bed
  • Never pull any extra threads coming out of the Squishmallow pet bed

Top Five Websites Where You Can Find the Best Squishmallow Pet Bed? 

You can buy Squishmallow pet beds from your local pet shops or online from Squishmallow’s official store, official Squishmallow Amazon storefront or at third-party outlets such as Walmart. Chinese suppliers are providing the best quality at the most affordable prices. Most of the online wholesalers are from China. 

The top five websites which are providing quality at the best prices are mentioned below.

1) Amazon: Amazon is an American company and the world’s largest e-commerce platform. It has a wide range of products including Squishmallow pet beds.

Squishmallow pet beds on Amazon.com
Figure 4 Source: Amazon.com

2) Alibaba: Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce website for wholesalers and retailers. Manufacturers sell directly on this platform and this is the reason the prices are very affordable. You can easily find high-quality and reasonable Squishmallow pet beds on Alibaba.com.

Squishmallow pet beds on Alibaba
Figure 5 source: Alibaba

3) 1688.com: 1688.com is the leading B2B marketplace in China. It is best for people having wholesale and drop shipping business models. You can always buy a sample before placing a bulk order for a quality check.

Squishmallow pet beds on 1688
Figure 6 source: 1688.com

4) Global Sources: Global Sources is a Hong Kong-based Chinese wholesale company. It is good for big businesses as you can buy products in large quantities as it has the minimum order quantity mentioned.

Squishmallow pet beds on Globalsources
Figure 7 Source: Globalsources(https://www.globalsources.com/)

5) DHGate: It is one of the best B2B websites for small business owners. You can find good quality Squishmallow pet beds at reasonable prices on this website.

Squishmallow pet beds on dhgate
Figure 8 Source: dhgate (https://www.dhgate.com/)

10 Best Squishmallow Pet Bed Designs

Squishmallows are known for their soft and squishy pet beds. In fact, their plush toys are loved by the humans for their cuddliness. The large sizes are also used as pillows. Several kinds, sizes, and stuff squishmallow pet beds are available in the market. 

They are sold on a range of platforms at different prices due to several factors. These pet beds are ensured to be manufactured with safe and squishy material for the pets. You will simply adore, them once you have just one look at them. Don’t worry, if you are wondering, where to buy squishmallow pet beds. Just read the blog till the end. 

Here are some 10 Best Squishmallow Pet Bed Designs:

  1. Squishmallow Gordon Shark Pet Bed

The 20-inch Gordon Shark Pet Bed is designed to provide comfort to your pet. The cozy and squishy pet bed is ultra-soft for your pet to curl up and have the best rest of its life. The best part is the least maintenance such as cleaning this bed makes it most sought-after. 

Squishmallow Gordon Shark Pet Bed
Figure 9 Source: Squishmallow

The cute shark design with big eyes makes it an entertaining companion for your pet. The price starts from $26.


  • Large size, ultra-soft, squishy & plush material.


  • Single design option.
  1. Baby Pink Slumber Pet Sherpa Crate Beds

The Slumber pet bed comes in a baby pink color with all the features to make it stand out in the given options. The perfect sleeping spot comes with soft Sherpa material. The bumper-style bed is made to suit small to medium-sized pets. Especially, dogs and cats have been observed loving the bed for a cozy warm night’s sleep. 

Baby Pink Slumber Pet Sherpa Crate Beds
Figure 10 Source: Amazon UK

The fleece material is surely a plus point for your pet. The price starts from $16.


  • Extra comfy, warm & cozy, squishy material, multiple colors.


  • Not for big-sized pets.
  1. Squishmallows Pet Bed Small Brown 

The 21-inch brown pet beds are a perfect spot for your pet at the end of the day. The welcoming style is designed and developed to make your pet feel special. The soft faux suede with polyfill gives it the signature look. It is a perfect bed for a mid-sized cat or dog while snuggling up and napping. The price starts from $35.

Squishmallows Pet Bed Small Brown
Figure 11 Source: Squishmallow

Non-slippery bottom with easy maintenance makes it favorable to many pet owners. The washable cover is indeed a practical feature. 


  • Brown color, easy to wash, durable, soft & squishy.


  • Only one color.
  1. Wendy Frog Squishmallow Pet Bed 

The 20-inch squishmallow pet bed is designed around a single concept of comfort in style. The cozy and squishy material makes it a favorite for pets of small to medium sizes. The plush bed offers a light green Wendy the Frog design with big black popped-up eyes. 

Wendy Frog Squishmallow Pet Bed
Figure 12 Source: Squishmallow

The pet-friendly design makes it a fun bed to lay upon and enjoy rest. The price starts from $33.


  • Ultra-soft, squishy, less maintenance, multiple colors.


  • Only one main color.
  1. Active Pet Plush Calming Dog Bed

It is safe to claim that if your dog is guaranteed to fall in love with its pet bed then an active pet plush calming dog bed will be its first choice. The soft and squishy yet cozy design makes a cuddly resting place for your pet. The 30-inch pet bed is a perfect solution for your pet`s rest. The price starts at only $27.

Pet Plush Calming Dog Bed
Figure 13 Source: ebay.com

The active pet plush calming dog bed could also prove to be a cool feature for your room. 


  • Calming for pets, multi-color, suitable for cats and dogs.


  • Not for very big pets.
  1. Bedsure Large Orthopedic Dog Bed

This kind of bed is designed and developed with the aim of comforting every inch of your pet. The Orthopedic pet bed is specially manufactured to suit the rest of the injured pets. The memory foam pet bed contours to the figure of your pet that best cushions its curves.

Large Orthopedic Dog Bed
Figure 14 source: Amazon.com

The 2-layer bed with removable cover makes it highly practical and less maintenance. The price starts at only $41.


  • Highly comfortable for pets, multi-color covers, less maintenance, suitable for cats and dogs.


  • Costly than the common pet beds.
  1. Squishmallow Beula Octopus 24-inch Dog Bed

The cute squishy squishmallow Octopus-style bed is all that your pet may need for a well-deserving shut eye. The non-skid bottom makes it ideal to stay in one place rather than being dragged around and giving your room a messy look. The soft and squishy material makes it fun for your dog pet. 

Figure 12 Source: Squishmallow

The material is less maintenance and easy to wash with mild detergent and water. The price starts at only $29.


  • The 24-inch design makes it suitable for small to mid-sized dogs and cats, non-skid bottom, and soft and squishy material with low maintenance.


  • Cannot cater to large pets.
  1. Squishmallow 24-inch Pineapple Bed

The Squishmallow 30-inch pet bed is surely the best cozy spot in your room for your pet. The medium-soft bed could accommodate a range of small to mid-sized pets. Its unique design and color make it a wonderful addition to the landscape of your room. Your pet will definitely love to snuggle up in Squishmallow Pineapple pet bed. 

Squishmallow 24-inch Pineapple Bed
Figure 16 Source: Aliexpress.us

The material is soft and squishy to make it extremely comfortable. The price starts at only $38.


  • The 24-inch design makes it suitable for small to mid-sized dogs and cats.


  • Only one size 
  1. Squishmallow Felton Pet Bed

The Felton Squishmallow pet bed is designed to suit your room theme with its light brownish color. The soft squishy and plush material is suited to make your pet fall asleep instantly. If there is any favorite place for your pet in your house, then there is none other than the Squishmallow pet bed. 

Squishmallow Felton Pet Bed
Figure 17 Source: Squishmallow

The material is soft and squishy to make it highly comfortable. The price starts at only $45.


  • The 20-inch design makes it suitable for small to mid-sized dogs and cats.


  • Only one size 
  1. Squishmallow Esmeralda Pet Bed

The Esmeralda Squishmallow pet bed serves the purpose of providing the highest degree of comfort to your pet. The mid-sized pet bed is all you need to add a pet resting area to your house without sacrificing the landscape. The light pink color makes it perfect for female pets especially. 

Squishmallow Esmeralda Pet Bed
Figure 18 Source: Squishmallow

The soft squishy offers comfort at its best. The price starts at only $46.


  • The 20 to 24-inch design with a non-skid bottom provides the utmost practicality & comfort.


  • Only one color is available.


Here are the frequently asked questions about the Squishmallow pet bed designs:

Q1: What sizes are available for the Squishmallow pet beds?

Ans. The Squishmallow pet beds are available in three sizes:

  • Small 20” x 20”
  • Medium 24”x24”
  • Large 30”x30”

Q2: What size of Squishmallow pet beds are perfect for cats and dogs?

Ans: The small and medium Squishmallow pet beds are perfect for cats and small dogs, while the large size is suitable for big-sized dogs.

Q3: Are the Squishmallow pet beds machine washable?

Ans: Yes, the Squishmallow pet beds can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. It is always better to spot-clean it and machine wash the cover of the Squishmallow pet bed.

Q4: What makes the Squishmallow pet bed different from other pet beds?

Ans: The Squishmallow pet bed is made with extremely soft and mushy material, that doesn’t irritate the skin of pets and provides good and comfortable sleep. It also has a raised edge for head support. 

Q5: Are Squishmallow pet beds made from the same material as normal Squishmallows?

Ans: Yes, the Squishmallow pet beds are made from the signature material, so these beds have a soft, mushy, comfortable, and huggable texture that Squishmallows are famous for.

Q6: Why are Squishmallows so popular?

Ans: Squishmallows are popular because of their adorably cute designs and super soft texture. Many people use them as a hugging partner or a pillow.

Q7: Where can I find Squishmallow pet beds?

Ans: You can buy Squishmallow pet beds from your local pet shops or online from Squishmallow’s official store official Squishmallows Amazon storefront or at third-party outlets such as Walmart.

Q8: What is the difference between Squishables and Squishmallows?

Ans: Squishables and Squishmallows are both different brands that make squishy products having different textures. 

  • Squishables are fluffy but firm. 
  • Squishmallows are soft and mushy like velvet and marshmallows.

Q9: What are Squishmallows pet beds made from?

Ans: Squishmallow pet beds have a super soft and smooth texture. They mostly have polyester filling and the fabric is also made of polyester. 

Q10:  Are Squishmallows expensive or cheap?

Ans: Squishmallows are usually expensive specifically the promotional and exclusive editions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why they are so rare and unique. 

Q11: How often should you change your Squishmallow Pet Bed?

Ans: Squishmallow pet beds are easy to clean and maintain and you don’t need to change it again and again. However, pet beds need to be changed over time according to their changing size. The Squishmallow pet bed should be according to the size of your pet so they can sit and sleep comfortably. 

Q12: How can you freshen up Your Squishmallow Pet Bed?

Ans: The general dirt from the Squishmallow pet bed can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Wiping it with a damp cloth and spot cleaning is good for dirt stains. In case your pet has an accident, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the specific area to remove any smell and odor.


The Squishmallow Pet Bed designs must have inspired you to have one. They are a must-have item for pet owners who want to provide a comfortable and stylish place to rest/sleep for their furry pets. It is made from soft, plush fabric, which is gentle on your pet’s skin. 

Squishmallow pet beds should be according to the size of your pet so they can sit and sleep comfortably. It is available in various designs, sizes, and colors. They provide a perfect cozy spot for pets to relax and enjoy their lives.

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